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Sage + Rose Petals Smudge Stick

Sage + Rose Petals Smudge Stick

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Wholesale Smudge -  To practice cleansing your space, light the bundle from the top end or crush its leaves and put them on a burning charcoal tablet on a safe surface. Relax as your space is cleared of bad vibes.

5" L (Approx.) , Sage size will vary / 100% Natural Smudge, exclusive of wrapping

Keep out of reach of children, pets, and flammable material.

As crystals and wholesale sage + smudging brand it is important to note that we ethically source Earth's gems from all over the globe. Shop our ethically sourced bulk metaphysical crystal healing products, chakra stones, meditation home decor, pendulums, sage smudge bundles + more at wholesale prices that will make your soul happy. 

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