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Cast Iron Caulderon

Cast Iron Caulderon

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The perfect vessel to create smoke. Around here, we add some herbs to the pot  light with a match or lighter. Write things you need to release or manifest on a piece of paper and add to the fire. Allow the smoke to carry your intentions up to the Universe.

Heavy iron with a moveable handle. 

Cast Iron Cauldron with handle that is ideal for smudging, incense burning, ritual purpose, decoration, candle holder, etc.

Small - 4" Diameter Handle to Handle, 2.5" Inside Diameter) Size: 2.5"D. 1.75"H.

May be used as an Altar Burner or Candle Holder

Size - 2.5" Diameter inches Diameter.

Medium - The inside diameter is 4". Handle to handle is almost 6". Total height, including the legs, is 3".

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