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Rough Red Jasper

Rough Red Jasper

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This powerful quartz is defined by its wide variety of color and forms. Ancient shamans, priests, and kings wore Jasper amulets, as it was viewed as a powerful protection stone from both the physical world and spiritual realms. This stone can be extremely powerful in banishing nightmares or harmful thoughts and providing relief from stress.

Best used for: Alleviating stress, promoting tranquility, deepening focus, and banishing harmful or negative thoughts. Thought to lend support emotionally to strengthen self-discipline and promotes grounding energies.

Red jasper gives off an incredibly nurturing energy, so cozy. Find comfort in the way it grounds you in a place of calm.We recommend to carry a red jasper stone with you, in your pocket or purse. When you start to become overwhelmed with worry or negative thoughts, grasp the red jasper stone in your hand.

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