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Aura Clearing Ritual Kit

Aura Clearing Ritual Kit

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Cleanse Your Aura! This big kit is an exciting gift for a bestie or yourself. We absorb so much from our surroundings and people we encounter, sometimes we just need to clear that junk out of our energetic space. This kit and ritual will do just that.

Included in Kit:
Labradorite - clears aura of negativity and gives a sense of peace. Each stone is charged in the moon light.
Florida Water - aura clearing, cleansing altar space.
Purple Candle - enhance psychic abilities.
Blue Sage - used to “wash off” the outside world, aura purification, and healing.

The Ritual:
Light the purple candle. Light the sage and pass the crystal through the smoke 9 times, place in your pocket or in bra and carry it with you. Open a window to allow negative energies to leave your space. Spray Florida water all around you as you look into the flame of the candle and feel your aura being purified!

Comes w/ Info Card with all of this information.

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