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Crystal Kit - SERENITY

Crystal Kit - SERENITY

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SERENITY Crystals + Rocks Set - 

Healing crystals have a long history — they have adorned the breastplates of priests and warriors, been used in shamanic service, have been guiding lights for ancient tribes, and have been stashed in the pockets of princesses, sailors, and healers.

Like energy, everything holds a vibration and if we match our personal vibrations to energy and/or outcomes that we want, we may be able to manifest them into our lives! Not a bad gig, eigh? 

They help us to channel our intentions, raise our vibrations, and can bring out all that dormant grace, beauty and magic you already have stashed inside. 


PYRITE - Energizing, nourishing, optimism

LABRADORITE - Calming, clarity, transformation

MOONSTONE - Inner growth, spiritual insight, hope

AGATE - Emotional balance, acceptance, courage

TOURMALINE QUARTZ - Spiritual grounding, deflection of negative energy, clear thinking

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