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Grounding + Protection Ritual Kit

Grounding + Protection Ritual Kit

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Sometimes, we all need to feel grounded and safe. This kit will provide a shield of protection, starting in your home and moving with you in the outside world.

Included in Kit (comes in organza pouch):
4 BIG (approx 2"x2") natural chunks of Black Tourmaline - grounds, protects.
Yerba Santa smudge stick - protection, purification, psychic ability, spiritual strength.
Black Ritual Candle - repel/clear negative energy.
Hamsa Hand Pocket Stone (metal) - represents protection.

The Ritual: First, light the candle. Next, light the yerba santa and open a window to allow negative energy to leave your space. Place one piece of tourmaline in each corner of your room with the intention to ground the space and protect you from psychic or energetic attacks.
Feel yourself being surrounded by protection and rooted in the earth. Keep the Hamsa with you for extra protection.

Info card with all of the information in this description is included in this large kit!
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