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Gift Sampler Smudge Pack

Gift Sampler Smudge Pack

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Gift Pack (Pack of 7) - Smudging Sampler Pack includes best sellers; Dragon's Blood, Palo Santo (2 sticks), Blue Sage, Desert Sage, White Sage, Cedar + Yerba Santa

Sage Smudge Stick Bundle Sampler Kit

  • 1X CALIFORNIA WHITE SAGE : California White Sage is one of the most sacred herbs among indigenous North American people. Used in rituals, ceremonies or just for cleansing. Use to cleanse your home or space and repel negative energy. Or just simply for the pleasure of its fragrance.

  • 1X BLUE SAGE : An aroma to cleanse negativity, hate and exorcism. Bring wealth, health, prosperity, healing and coolness to your life. Blue Sage can be used in a ritual ceremony, house cleansing or simply for aroma pleasure.

  • 1X DRAGONS BLOOD SAGE : Dragons Blood Sage or (Red smudge sage) is California White Sage infused with Dragon's Blood resin to create this wonderful smudge stick. Two of the most popular items in 1 stick. Great for cleansing, negativity removal and protection

  • 1X CEDAR SAGE : A wonderful fragrance to burn. Cedar wands are used in rituals, ceremonies, magic, or simply for aroma. Sacred to Native tribes known as the Mother and giver of life. These wands can be used for protection, purification, cleansing, wealth, healing, and prosperity.

  • 1X DESERT SAGE : Artemisia Tridentata, is best known as the richly aromatic sage that blankets the Sana Fe,Taos area. It's fragrance draws your heart to the wind swept, sun blessed deserts of New Mexico.

  • 1X YERBA SANTA SAGE : Yerba Santa is grown in the dry hill areas of California and Northern Mexico. This wand has a sweet smell which will delight your senses, home, office or any surrounding. A wonderful ceremonial wand to burn for healing, purification, & love.

  • 1X PALO SANTO : Palo Santo is a sacred fragrance tree in South America that means "Holy Wood". It is similar to Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal resin incense. Removes negative energy, Drives away mosquitoes and insects, Disinfects air, also Used for relaxing the mind and body.

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