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Polished Black Obsidian

Polished Black Obsidian

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Grounding l Protecting l Healing

Metaphysical Meaning:
Obsidian is a volcanic glass. It helps protect the sensitive against depression. It is the stone of the soft hearted and gentle people of the world. It helps block negative energy. It symbolizes self-control and resilience.

Working with a black obsidian stone can assist you in cutting the stress and negative patterns from your life by first bringing them to your attention. Use this stone in meditation to bring clarity to your own behaviors. If you often rationalize your actions until you feel justified in doing what you know is wrong, break out of that mental cycle with the black obsidian healing properties. As you see what needs to be expelled from your life, obsidian rewards your self-realization by absorbing that toxic energy. No wonder they call it the stone of truth!

 Zodiac: Sagittarius/Scorpio

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