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Copal Resin and Sage Bundle

Copal Resin and Sage Bundle

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Copal Resin and Blue or White Sage Bundle Melted resin glazed on top of blue sage.

Blue Sage/ Salvia Azurea, also known as “Grandmother Sage”. It is a purifying herb with wide medicinal and magical uses. This cleanses, protects, cools and gives spiritual strength. Sometimes used during exorcism rituals or to remove the evil spirits. It is milder with less bitterness than traditional white sage. Has a fresh, herbaceous, faintly flowery scent. Grows on the coast of Mexico and California.

This powerful combination includes copal for power, exorcism, psychic abilities and visions. This sage bundle combination is great for cleansing, clearing and blessing your space. Copal also brings a light citrus note to an otherwise heavy sage.

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