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White Sage, Caspia and Everlasting Flower Smudge Stick

White Sage, Caspia and Everlasting Flower Smudge Stick

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Elegant White Sage, Caspia, and Everlasting Flower Smudge Stick

Discover the enchanting blend of white sage, Caspia, and a delicately crafted paper flower in this refined smudge stick. White sage, revered through the ages, is a beacon of purification and cleansing. Complementing it, the radiant Caspia, with its deep purple hue, introduces an element of elegance. Meanwhile, the paper flower symbolizes fresh starts and transformative positivity.

Whether you aim to cleanse your living space, rejuvenate your aura, or uplift your spirit, this smudge stick acts as your spiritual companion. It's meticulously designed to dispel negativity and foster an atmosphere of serenity and calm.

To harness its energy, simply ignite the stick's tip and let it produce a gentle smoke. Use your hand to direct the smoke, enveloping spaces or objects you wish to cleanse. It's a tool not just for your well-being but can also serve as a heartfelt gift for those inclined towards spirituality and holistic healing. Embrace positivity and pave the way for a harmonious journey ahead.

Approx. 4"

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